US Hybrid at WRCOG’s 2014 Advancing The Choice Expo


25 September 2014
Dr. Goodarzi, President of US Hybrid, was a panelist at the WRCOG’s 2014 Advancing the Choice Expo in Temecula, CA. The expo’s theme was “Roadmap to a Net Zero Emissions Future,” which reflected how alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and sustainable planning work together to create healthy communities. Dr. Goodarzi’s panel focused on the technologies that will enable zero and near-zero emission transportation, the barriers to their adoption, and their availability today. The 2014 Keynote Speaker was Ralph Nader, who has been active in national policies for safer cars, healthier foods, cleaner air, cleaner water, and safer work environments for more than four decades.


Mr.Ralph Nader with Dr. Goodarzi

Dr. Goodarzi speaking on the Clean Fuels Panel



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