Us Hybrid Designed, Integrated And Delivered The Gmc Hybridvans To Verizon


US Hybrid designed, integrated and delivered the GMC hybrid vans to Verizon

US Hybrid Corporation ( proudly revealed today the firm’s participation in the hybrid vehicle system design, integration and delivery of thirteen GMC service vans to Verizon, North America’s 2nd largest fleet operator. Verizon has placed these vehicles in service for field evaluations. The vans utilize Enova’s unique Post-Transmission Parallel Hybrid Drive System.
“To work with the nation’s 2nd largest fleet owner is a significant step for our company and the entire hybrid electric drive system industry. We are pleased that Verizon has taken such initiative to clean mobility and fuel conservation and glad to be a part of the team alliance” stated Dr. Abas Goodarzi, US Hybrid founder, and President.

Mike Staran, Enova’s President and CEO (, AMEX: ENA and AIM: ENV and ENVS) said, “US Hybrid is an important part of the alliance, and we look forward to their continued participation in projects such as this. The technical expertise provided by US Hybrid is one that certainly complements Enova’s production strategy, and we anticipate many additional projects such as this in the near future.”
The Post-Transmission System has proven to be a non-invasive system that requires little to no modifications to chassis, engine and transmission Control, thus avoiding emissions re-certification issues. The Charge Sustaining Control System utilizes relatively small batteries. Depending on the route, fuel economy, (mpg) improvement can be up to 55%. Emission improvements vary with the pollutant being measured and have shown up to a 90% improvement at times on Particulate Matter based on engine and fuel type and drive cycle operating condition.

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